Proficiency Testing

The Communication Skills Department offers proficiency tests for the these courses:

Each of these proficiency tests can be scheduled in a two or three hour block of time and completed between 8:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m, Monday - Friday, but only one proficiency exam may be taken per day.

Students are required to show evidence that all necessary prerequisites to the course have been successfully completed prior to scheduling  the proficiency exam.

Full payment of the proficiency exam fee of $50 for each test is required before the proficiency test is administered.

At least two English Department faculty members independently grade each proficiency exam. Evaluators must agree on the pass/fail status of the exam. If necessary, the exam is referred to a third evaluator who makes a final determination. Exam results are normally available within one week after the exam is completed and students are notified of the results by phone or mail. Results of the exam are not subject to appeal.

Proficiency testing is not an option for:

  • Students who have already registered and completed the course
  • Students who have already taken the exam and failed


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