How do I contact my professor?

Email is the preferred method of contact for most professors. A list of professors and their email addresses can be found on the faculty page.

Where can I find my professor’s office?

Faculty offices for the English Department are located on the 4th Floor of Nestor Hall. The English Department office is located in Nestor Hall, room 420. The numbering of the offices on 4th floor of Nestor Hall can be confusing, so consult the map of the 4th floor on the wall adjacent to the elevator area.

Is there a list of classes that are required for an English major?

Columbus State does not offer an associate degree in English or a major in English, although several courses in the Associate of Arts degree fufill transfer requirements to four-year colleges or universities. Visit the Associate of Arts Plan of Degree Study page at Columbus State's Global Campus website and click Expand All to see a listing of the English courses that are part of the AA degree. 

Is there a list of courses offered along with the prerequisites?

The All Courses page of Columbus State's Global Campus website can assist you in finding course listings. Use the drop down menu on the page to narrow your search and a list of courses will appear. Click a course number and scroll down to see prerequisite and related information.

Why do I have to take prerequisite classes?

All students new to Columbus State who do not have transfer credit in college-level English and math are required to take a placement test before scheduling courses.

I need a prerequisite override. What do I need to bring?

Students seeking a prerequisite override need to bring an Add/Drop Form, a copy of their official transcript, course descriptions of classes they have completed, Official AP test score (if applicable) and their Cougar ID number.

I have an issue with my professor. Who should I contact?

Each type of course has a lead teacher assigned to field all questions and issues before contacting the Department Chair.  Lead teachers are indicated on the faculty page.

How difficult are online classes?

There is no simple answer to this question. Some students learn easily in online classes, while others find traditional classes are a better fit their learning styles. Online coursework does require a level of computer skill and comfort. Columbus State has designed a Readiness Assessment to help students determine if online coursework is a good fit.

How do I find the Language Institute?

The Language Institute is located in the Center for Workforce Development (WD), 315 Cleveland Avenue, Room 1090. Columbus State offers this resource to local businesses or individuals who would like assistance with English as Second Language, (ESL).

What type of ESL courses are offered?

Columbus State Community College offers two types of English as a Second Language (ESL) programs: a basic English program (for non credit) and an academic, credit program. Basic English courses are for students who do not have a foundation of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English.

If you interested in pursuing an academic credit program and already have a foundation of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English, you will need to complete the COMPASS/ESL placement test. If English is not your first language, your placement test will include a timed writing sample and computerized reading and grammar/usage components.

What is the COMPASS Placement test? Who needs to take it?

The COMPASS Placement test is is a computerized assessment tool that helps advisors quickly identify the reading, writing, and math skill levels of incoming students place those students in the appropriate courses. Based on skill levels, advisors can also suggest academic resources that can help ensure success.

What can I do with an English degree?

Even in the age of technology, a degree in English opens the door to many careers. The critical thinking and communication skills honed in English classes are valued in many professions. Many colleges and universities that offer degrees in English have career information on their websites. Also, for information on career options, consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United State Department of Labor bi-annually.

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