Online Writing Resource Center (OWRC)

Who We Are

The Online Writing Resource Center (OWRC) is an extension of the Writing Center located in Franklin Hall. The OWRC assists students who encounter problems in writing. This free service is available to students through all stages of the writing process. We offer services in the areas of Writing Consultations, Tutorials, Quick Questions, External Links and Writing Tips.

How To Access Our Services

The OWRC provides serves to the Communication Skills, Humanities, Business Management, and English Departments. Services are offered for both distance learning and traditional classroom courses.

To access our services, log on to Blackboard. Enter a username and password. Select the link for the applicable course under “My Communities”. Links to the OWRC 




The "Quick Questions," "Tutorials," "External Links" and "Writing Tips" services are available 24 hours a day (see Exceptions, below). The OWRC accepts writing submissions continuously. All submissions are returned within 48 hours.

Students can familiarize themselves with the site, and take advantage of all OWRC resources.


There are several exceptions to OWRC submission availability:

  • During the first week of the quarter  
  • During the final weekend of classes  
  • During finals week  

The OWRC is closed during all holidays and in-service days, as listed in the CSCC Academic Calendar.



Office Location

420 Nestor Hall
550 East Spring Street
Columbus, OH 43215