Proficiency Test Procedures for English 101

The student must have completed the prerequisite: testing into English 101 on the COMPASS test or completing DEV 041 (Basic Communication Skills) with a “C” to be eligible to take the English 101 Proficiency exam.

Prior to the Exam

  • The student must pay the proficiency exam fee of $50 at the Cashier’s Office in Rhodes Hall.
  • Take the receipt to the English Department secretary in Nestor Hall 420. Make an appointment to take the exam and pick up a reading selection and grading criteria page to be used for the exam.
  • This proficiency test requires the student to set aside a 3-hour block of time between 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Taking the Exam

The student is permitted to bring a dictionary, thesaurus, and writing handbook to the English 101 exam. All note paper, exam booklets, and pens or pencils will be provided by the department.

The exam has 4 sections:

  • Editing and Correction
  • Evaluating Thesis Statements
  • Responding to Reading
  • Writing the Expository Essay

Writing the Expository Essay

Part of the ENGL 101 exam requires the writing of one essay on a general topic that the department will provide. The student will have a choice of topics. No special information or knowledge is required to address the essay topics. Although no length is specified for the essay, the topics can be adequately developed and discussed in about 500 words.
A copy of the evaluation criteria for the ENGL 101 exam is available from the secretary in NH 420 prior to the student’s decision to take the test.

For additional information contact our department Office Associate, Amanda (Darlene) Nawrocki, at 287-2531 or


Office Location

420 Nestor Hall
550 East Spring Street
Columbus, OH 43215