Proficiency Test Procedures for English 220

  • Student should go to the Cashier’s Office in Rhode’s Hall to pay the proficiency exam fee of 50.00 and receive a receipt.

  • Take the receipt to the English Department Secretary in Nestor Hall 420 and schedule an appointment to take the test. This proficiency test requires the student to set aside a 3-hour block of time between 8:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

  •  Request the reading selections to be used for the exam from the English Department Office Associate at Nestor Hall 420 in advance of the exam.

Taking the Exam

Once the exam begins, the student may not leave the exam area until it is completed. Leaving the area invalidates the test, and it may not be retaken.

All note paper, exam booklets, and pens or pencils will be provided by the department.

The exam has 2 sections:

  • Define and discuss fiction concepts
  • Short Essay in response to reading selection

At least two Communication Skills faculty members independently grade each exam. Evaluators must agree on the pass/fail status of the exam. If necessary, the exam is referred to a third evaluator who makes a final determination. Exam results are normally available within one week after the exam is completed. The student will be notified of the results by phone or mail. Results of the exam are not subject to appeal.

No exam may be taken if the student has already registered for and completed the course. No exam may be retaken if it is failed. Not more than one exam may be taken per day.

For additional information contact our department Office Associate, Amanda (Darlene) Nawrocki, at 287-2531 or

Office Location

420 Nestor Hall
550 East Spring Street
Columbus, OH 43215